a letter to father

A Letter To That Shows How Appreciating Fathers Are

It gets harder sometime to go against the Father; who has done so many things for us. But when things like beating my mom, scolding and stuff happens, it makes me wonder how could a person who is so harsh to my mother could be someone I could take advises from? This is the part where most of us get stuck forever; realizing whether to continue to accept the sacrifices of our Fathers or overlook them. I had the same questions wandering and roaming in my mind, causing me not to appreciate whatever my Father did and does for me.

One day, I saw my dad scolding my mom for spending more was a day the first split in his image came out in my head. Sitting on the threshold of teenage, I thought how my DAD can be an idol for me and how could I follow his footsteps or whatever he says to me as guidance. Over the full years, He has been seen by me in several situations as a husband. Sometimes, I adored what he did for my mom whereas I absolutely hated sometimes. But to get to know his sacrifices, I am visiting down the memory lane to scout those brief occasions which made him special. There are so many good points and characteristics in him as a father which makes me think I couldn’t have been a daughter of someone more wonderful.

a letter to father

Over the full years, you have given me valuable lessons about life and the best way to lead it. I have already been created by you into a solid self-employed people. This article is for my dad who emerged as an excellent father while I thought he is not a good husband.

Things I Learned From My Father And How He Helps Me:

It is harder for me to put all the sacrifices and stuff that my father does for me in a single paper or two. I’m writing it still to let you all know why you should all be cheering your father and your father’s sacrifices:

The Actual Value Of Money:

You showed me the real value of money since childhood; when you weren’t for giving me any money until I have done my homework. It now makes sense to me that not a single penny can be earned with no hard work.

Total Efficiency:

I might have got angry earlier (Sorry for that DAD!), but I had no idea why you forced me to do things I wasn’t interested in; like cooking and exercise. It is now a lot easier for me to cook for somebody with ease and be in shape (that many people are craving for). I am now totally efficient.


You helped me since the very early age to build up my curiosity in things and fields. I still remember the day when you asked me “What you want to become?” and I was all blank; having no idea what should I