A couple of decades ago, parents have to take care of their young kids on their own. In the modern world the where parents do multiple jobs to fulfill their basic needs, the technology has come forward to put an effort in parenting as well. Now parents have plenty of technological creatures such as wearable’s to keep an eye on their young kids. Buddy Tag is the invention of the modern technology which has the capacity to help out parents when their child is out of proximity, and the proximity settings are easily adjustable. Buddy Tag indicates the parents when submerged in water to prevent possible drowning.

The wearable’s Panic button on Buddy Tags enables your young kid to alarm you in the case of having an emergency and he/she really needs your help.

 It is made of silicon; this particular wristband is easily adjustable and doesn’t even discomfort your child. You can adjust it from 5.5 to 8-inch having a coin screw fastener to avoid easily removal of a wristband. It can also fit with the shoelace or with the pocket of your child clothes.


The Buddy Tags is also compatible with the iPhone 4s, 5s, 6s, 6plus, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2 and with the 4.3 or even latest.

Detailed Over View:

Buddy Tag is actually used in order to protect the young children. It uses by parents and by the guardians in order to prevent child lost and accidents of drowning and if someone tries to molest your child. The Buddy Tag uses Bluetooth to make the connectivity possible with the smartphones devices, and it can be downloaded without the payment of a monthly fee from iTunes or from the play store. The application is compatible with the iPhone iPad and even with the latest Android cell phone devices. Parents can put Buddy Tag on their young kid’s clothes, shoelaces and on their clothes pockets.

Buddy Tag will indicate you in case your child is about drowning and wonder out of proximity. Through this app it is easily adjustable; it avoids accidents by alarming you. It has the panic button which allows your child to press it whenever they need the help of their parents.

You just need to teach your child that how to press the panic button having an emergency. The Buddy Tag has a feature of sending parents an email along with the last screen location with the exact time stamp, and map location as well.

When the young child is wearing Buddy Tags is completely out of the Bluetooth area from the phone, it would be quite better

Email with Last Seen Location feature sends you an email with the date, the time, and the map location when the child wearing Buddy Tag is totally out of the Bluetooth range from the phone, and this would be better to have the nanny to protect the child when you are at the office.

There are plenty of ways to wear the Buddy Tag wristband made of silicon. It can also be handy for a standalone device by not wearing on your child’s wrist. It can place in one of the pockets; even then all functions will work same as before they do.


Busy parents who have to do their daily routine work, Buddy Tag would be the ultimate tool to protect their kids.


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