Gemstones are the rare and valuable crystal and minerals that holds immense power in increasing inner power and has great astrological benefits. There are many gemstones available. One should wear the one which suits his/ her astrology. Gemstones are available according to the birth months.

Gemstone has the great value since ancient times. It was worn by the Egyptians and Greek civilization believed that this gemstone holds a great and immense power. In modern world too, gemstone is treated precious and valuable. Nowadays it has become more trendy and fashionable. It can be worn embarking it into other precious metals in the form of ring, necklace, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

The birthstones according to the birth month are:

  • January birthstone – Garnet
  • February Birthstone – The amethyst
  • March birthstone – Aquamarine and Bloodstone
  • April birthstone – Diamond
  • May birthstone – Emerald
  • June birthstone – Pearl and Alexandrite
  • July birthstone – Ruby
  • August birthstone – Peridot
  • September birthstone – Sapphire
  • October birthstone – opal and tourmaline
  • November birthstone – Citrine and Topaz
  • December birthstone – Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise.

Treatment of gemstone:

Gemstones are often treated with heat and radiation to get the awesome blend of the colors. By the heat treatment the colors of the gemstone can be altered followed by the gamma radiation. The irradiated gemstone is checked, observed and studied in the storage before sending it into market. After the gemstone is free from radiation and safe to use, then it is sent into the market. Oiling and waxing is also performed to gain the shining of the stone and give the beautiful texture for the use of jewelry.

Astrological benefits of the Gemstones:

  • Healing power: the suitable gemstone clicks with your mental and physical body helping in healing the inner self. It calms your soul and mind and protects you from the evil power.
  • Balancing the energy: many gemstones like the amethyst helps in balancing the crown chakra and bow chakra. It helps in the proper utilization of your energies in the productive field. The bow chakra helps you see the world with different perspective.
  • Fortune and luck: the suitable gemstone brings you with the luck in every field. It helps in every success in your life.
  • Gain opportunity: for the workaholics and hardworking people, the use of gemstone brings the opportunities in their work which helps them grow and achieve success in life.
  • Good family relationship: many gemstones have the power to create the good environment and relation among the family members. It helps in reducing the conflicts between husband and wife.
  • Self-empowerment: for the development of self-confidence and self-realization gemstones like sapphires and tiger eye stone helps a lot.
  • Spiritual energy: The gemstones hold great power and energy that flows through your spirits. It helps in the spiritual calmness by providing the immense spiritual power.
  • Health benefits: Gemstones like blue amethyst, blue sapphire and emeralds has direct connection with the body health. Keeping these stones close to your body protects you from the health degrading factors. For the chronic pain, headaches, back pain, these stones gives a great relief.
  • Increase concentration: by calming the mind and body, the gemstones increase the focus and concentration during day to day life. For the study and work the stones give the energy to make a better connection with the books and your work.
  • Develop anger management and mental calmness: the gemstone like tiger eye stone flow the energy from your spine to all the body parts calming the flow of the blood and mind. This helps in giving relief and suppresses the anger in your body.
  • Successful professional life: bringing every possible opportunity to your life and daily work schedule the suitable gemstone enhances your professional life. Especially business man is highly recommended to wear the gemstone according to their astrology for successful life.

Gemstones can be used as a fashionable jewelry by wearing in the form of necklace, pendants, ring or earrings. The metal suitable for embarking the gemstone varies from stone to stone. So consult a professional astrologer before wearing the stone for the maximum benefits of it.

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