Where can I buy progressive lenses online?

Glasses have gained their importance right after their invent and up till now they have been used for different purposes. Some gasses are used as a fashion accessory while others like prescription glasses are used after getting a suitable eyesight number from a medical actioner. You can find prescription glasses online as well as from physical stores and eyeglasses retail shops.

Other type of eyeglasses that are also medically important to improve eyesight are progressive glasses and lenses. After a certain age, all people develop a tired or blurred view: the eye can no longer focus at different distances. Progressive glasses allow you to see clearly again at all distances. All in a single pair of glasses.

Progressive glasses are ideal for people suffering from far-sightedness combined with some other type of visual defect, such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, because they correct everything with the same lenses. Of course, they can also be used by people who have presbyopia only.

The progressive glasses, and specifically their lenses, are designed so that you can see from far, near and at intermediate distances. If you look closely at the top photo, you will see that the progressive crystal design is developed to:

• See far from the top of the glass or lens.
• See well at intermediate distances through the middle part of the glass.
• Look closely at the bottom of the lens.

Best place to buy progressive glasses and lens online:

Either you are looking to invest in party time glasses or in progressive eyeglasses and lenses, the best place to buy is Voogueme, where you have a number of choices to pick from. Voogueme does not only provides medical glasses like prescription glasses but it also has a wide variety of stylish glasses which makes you look more stylish and trendy.

In optics many types of crystals are used for the correction of visual defects, depending on the materials used in their manufacture, their optical characteristics and the focus, which is the point at which the light sources converge and defines the distance which can be seen clearly, depending on the type of visual problem (ametropia) that has to be corrected (myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia, etc.)

In general, the type of lenses that are most commonly used are confocal calls, that is, those that are used to, for example, see or only from a distance or only up close. These crystals only have a focal length.

The problem arises when a short-sighted person, who sees badly from afar, begins to have eyestrain and also needs glasses to see up close. In this situation you have different options. The first is to have a pair of confocal lenses for each distance and exchange them depending on whether you want to see from a distance or, for example, read a book.

Progressive lenses: in this case the lens has a homogeneous appearance, without perceiving the two focus areas. Although this is not so. In the upper part of the glass the focus is placed to see from a distance, in the middle the average distance and the lower part is used to see up close. The important thing is to learn to look for the part of the glass appropriate to the focal needs of each activity and this requires a period of adaptation, contrary to what happens with bifocals.

Advantages of progressive eyeglasses and lenses:

• You do not need to change lenses to look at any distance, being able to perform any activity with them.
• By the very nature of the progressive, by including all distances in the same lens, on the side edges appear areas where vision is somewhat blurred. In lenses of more advanced technology, aberrations of these lateral zones are reduced to the maximum. Later we will explain this more in depth. It may seem complex at first, and you may even think: but, where do I look?
• You have everything in a single pair. You do not have to use three glasses: for far, for near and for intermediate distances. In addition, the optician can give preference to the area of vision that you most need.
• Aesthetic advantage unlike the bifocals, with the progressives you have continuous vision between different visual zones, without you notice anything on the outside.
• Clear and clear vision always. With progressive you always look good. On the other hand, the close ones are never at hand when you need them, and if you have forgotten them at home and want to see the mobile, it will be difficult for you. If you wear progressive glasses you have a problem less


If you are looking for a single place where you can buy all types of eyeglasses and lenses also at a very competitive price along with discounts on its most products, Voogueme is your best bet.

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