Saree is one of the eternal favorite attires for ever woman. Naturally, they are skeptical about the fabric, style, pattern, and design. When styling a saree it’s important to pick out the blouse, for now, it has become a fashion to team up simple and plain saree with trendy blouse. It brings-in charms to their appearance. Talking about this generation, women are more into different neck blouse designs & stand out beautifully with their amazing taste in fashion. If you are looking for top 26 types of blouse neck designs.

Take a read below for the same. Here:

  • Round Sweetheart Design: One of the oldest and evergreen blouse designs. If you have a toned figure you can go for this design; it will give you an appealing look & is recommended when you are wearing chiffon or a net saree.

Round Sweetheart Design

  • High-neck Zipper Blouse: Looking for something trendy and fashionable, this option is good to go. It adds a pinch of western look only if you are confident enough to carry it. The short sleeve or sleeveless will be a perfect choice.

High-neck Zipper Blouse

  • Deep Neck Blouse: Make the heads turn with this glam option of blouse. If ruling the hearts is your superpower, then this is a good option. Also, this is ideal for wedding and party.

Deep Neck Blouse

  • Cut-out Pattern: Another hot pick blouse style is cut-out pattern. You can also put a button on the neck tip to adjust the shape. Rectangular, triangular, heart, and square are a few styles you can opt for.

Cut-out Pattern

  • Tear Drop Back Neck: When you are eating for a party try something chic. Be it high neck or halter neck, tear drop back neck amaze every patterns.

Tear Drop Back Neck

  • Netted Back Neck Blouse: If you are not confident to go for deep neck or backless blouse, this style is best pick for you. You can select any pattern such as high neck, square, or round. A translucent saree will be the best pick for this blouse.

Netted Back Neck Blouse

  • Deep Neck Blouse: This blouse style is meant for the divas who rule hearts. The perfect pick for wedding and party.

Deep Neck Blouse

  • One Shoulder Blouse: If you want to go bold and beautiful, try One Shoulder Blouse style. This is a slimy style of wearing it with the classy saree.

One Shoulder Blouse

  • Boat Neck: This style goes good to go wit sheer net saree. You can either opt for embroidered blouse with boat neck, thus, adding elegance to your style. This can be worn with lehengas too.

Boat Neck

  • Off-shoulder Blouse: This is another contemporary blouse design followed by many. The perfect pick for those who are not shy to flaunt their back. Recommended for slender, tall, and pretty girls.

Off-shoulder Blouse

  • U-back Neck Blouse: This is another conventional blouse design evolved by designers. Now, if you are styling U-back neck blouse, better to tie with a lace for proper fittings. This style is apt for the Indian brides.

U-back Neck Blouse

  • V-neck Blouse: V-neck blouse goes very well only if you have a toned back. Team this style with a traditional saree.

V-neck Blouse

  • Pot Neck Design: This styled design is mostly found in three types of traditional attires which are choli, kameez, and blouse. If you want to add a bit of more spark, add zari as a border in your blouse.

Pot Neck Design

  • Asymmetrical Back Neck: If none of the blouse styles impress you, try this funky style – Asymmetrical Back Neck; It can be of different types starting from sleeve to pattern. Hereby, you are free to pick any random curve and cut for your blouse. Though, this style goes better with sleeveless blouse.

Asymmetrical Back Neck

  • Round Neck Blouse: The simplest blouse style and is worn by every women. Latkan and lace are two additions to this style. Mostly, women ties up this blouse style with South Indian saree.

Round Neck Blouse

  • Chinese Collar Neck: This blouse style gives a corporate look & is considered as a formal fashion style. To get a semi-formal look for soiree or casual party you can go for Chinese Collar Neck blue style.

Chinese Collar Neck

  • Butterfly Back Neck Design: This is a new edition in the history of blouse styles. Sleeveless or short sleeve blouse is the perfect match for this style. If want, you can go for latkan in the middle of the design.

Butterfly Back Neck Design

  • Square Neck Back: This style is commonly worn by many lasses. You can either add embroidered border or lace in the borderline including sleeve. Go for short-sleeve.

Square Neck Back

  • String Style Back Neck Blouse: The 90s style which was popular in films. The multiple strings must be tied in the back to adjust the overall fitting. Not to miss, this style is a bit clingy, but still rural women find it attractive. For choli back design, this style is followed.

String Style Back Neck Blouse

  • Oval Shape Back Neck: When it’s about traditional attire, there is no dearth of options left in the terms of pattern and style. For your upcoming parties, you can stardom this style. You can also go for mirror work to make it look more traditional.

Oval Shape Back Neck

  • Knot on the Back: This is a bold yet classy look which is spotted by the confident lasses. Mostly, women prefer low-cut & tie knot at the bottom. Quite a sexy look!

Knot on the Back

  • Triangular Back Neck: This style is now high in demand because it offers a chic avatar. You can rock this look with a plain saree because the limelight will be taken by the blouse itself.

Triangular Back Neck

  • Pointed U Neck: This blouse style comes with a striking pipeline & you can opt for both short-sleeve and full-sleeve pattern.

Pointed U Neck

  • Spaghetti Design: This is a cold and common pattern that is popular amongst the young girls. But, it looks good only if you have a perfect figure along with broad shoulders. Not recommended with those having heavy bust.

Spaghetti Design

  • High Neck Blouse: Mostly worn and style by the hospitality professionals. You can try this for any official event or party. Recommended for slender and tall girls.

High Neck Blouse

  • Halter Neck Blouse: How can we miss the famous Halter Neck Blouse? This style is not only limited to blouse, but can be worn with western attire too. This style never fails the fashion statement.

Halter Neck Blouse

  • Butterfly Neck Design: The hot pick in the blouse design is Butterfly Neck Design. The modification the blouse style can be down with embroidery and lace work. According to your choice, the blouse can be either short or long-sleeve.

Butterfly Neck Design

So, which one of your favorite blouse style? Also, don’t forget to dazzle the house with some jewelry, only if required. Till then, keep shining.

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