What we now know as “fashion sneakers” have become a global obsession and a more comfortable, often experimental, approach to style. The last decade has proven that sneakers are far from just a passing fad. They’re here to stay and evolve as we find more ways to adopt their street-ready cool into our ensembles.

In 2019, sneaker trends mainly fell into two categories. Either they were part of the more classic style, such as the Common Projects Achilles, Gucci Ace, and Stan Smith. Or, they were very much on the “ugly,” oversized side of the high street. So, what is there to say about sneakers in 2020? Read on to discover 6 sneaker trends worth investing in this year.

Statement Sneakers

Bold, oversized, ugly, call them what you will, but statement sneakers are a major component of today’s fashion. Nothing stands out while looking as fresh and modern when paired with more neutral ensembles. Opt for sleeker, more sportswear-adjacent silhouettes for added versatility.


Thanks in no small part to the popularization of Veja’s classic styles, there’s no doubt that 2020 will see the reappearance of pared-back, minimalist sneakers. This includes the likes of the Diodora Game Charm, Saint Laurent Court and Stella McCartney’s recent rendition of the trend.

If you want to make an investment in a more timeless style, the iconic Ace by Gucci is the way to go. Head online and you can find a pair at SSENSE, along with a wide range of other Gucci shoes and designer garments. The luxury retailer also houses a massive range of other sneaker brands, making it a great option for satisfying your craving for kicks.

Platform Soles

While arguably in a similar category to oversized sneakers, platform soles are a subtler take on unbalanced proportions. Clean colorways and minimalist details are the norms here, making them a more versatile option that can even be paired with skirts and dresses. Think Alexander McQueen, MiuMiu, Common Projects and Prada.


Let’s take a break from design and talk about color. More specifically, the bold tones that make the fluorescent trend. These sneakers take a more conservative approach to their silhouettes, putting a bigger focus on the color palette. If your wardrobe is packed with tones of gray, white and pastel, fluorescent sneakers are the way forward.


Old-school styles are expected to make a major comeback in 2020. This is especially true for Reebok’s classic sneakers, which are likely to get even more wardrobe time among sartorial crowds. There are many great options in this category. Consider the Nike Daybreak and Cortez silhouettes, the Adidas Continental 80 and of course, the Reebok Club C.

Bright Hues

Going back to color, bright and sunny hues were all over the runways that concluded 2019, and the trend is sure to make a splash in 2020. Think of it as sporting the beauty of nature on your feet, or how great they’ll look with a monochromatic outfit.

These are some of the top trends to consider when you’re ready to splurge on footwear in 2020. Find what works best with your current wardrobe and buy accordingly.

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