Women are not the only ones who know how to dress fashionably. Even the guys have a knack for looking stylish and making heads turn with their outfits.

Like women’s clothes, men’s clothing has also undergone several style evolutions and drastic fashion changes over the years. Some of the trends were a massive hit, while some were a miss. The progression of style choices and iconic pieces in clothing ensembles for men reflects how strongly fashion speaks to every individual, regardless of gender.

That said, below are some of the most memorable men’s fashion trends that will take you to a quick trip down memory lane:

  • Letterman and Bomber Jackets

These bad boys became a hit during the ‘80s. While both styles were often associated with men who exuded a too-cool-for-school vibe, bomber jackets and letterman jackets still eased its way into the preppy aesthetic. Back then, these pieces of clothing were typically paired with straight-cut jeans, plain white shirts, and plain white sneakers.

  • Baggy pants

The ‘90s heavily took inspiration from hip-hop music when it made big, baggy bottoms a fashion statement. The piece was combined with oversized shirts and snapback hats to create a distinct ensemble.

  • Denim on denim

Denim clothing was more apparent and dominant during the 80s and 90s. It was such a craze in men’s clothing that pairing denim jackets with denim jeans were considered a bold and fashion-forward way of dressing up for the guys. At present, the all-denim outfit can be seen resurfacing among style icons and fashion experts.

  • Dinner jackets and tailcoats

Fashion revolved around formal wear during the 1800s. Men who belonged to the higher class often showed up in social gatherings wearing their finest tailcoats and dinner jackets. Some variants were tailored with swallowtails and coattails. The colours used were typically dark green, blue, brown, and black.

  • Zoot suit

The Zoot suit is a pair of coats and pants that were both big in volume. Think of it like a balloon suit. It was a flashy fashion statement that not everybody could pull off. While it was certainly quite comfortable and breezy to wear, it was also a walking invitation for sarcastic remarks and specific hazards. For instance, the fabric could easily get caught in hooks and even fire. Some individuals who opposed the style choice would slash the zoot suits with blades whenever they encounter someone wearing it along the streets.

  • Overalls

Another vintage fashion statement-making a comeback in recent years are overalls. Overalls were worn with brightly coloured shirts, turtle-necked long sleeves, and a pair of combat boots or chucks. To make the look more iconic, stylists made celebrities wear it with one strap down. It created a playful and quirky vibe that often worked in shows set in comedic settings.

  • Shirts with colourful prints

The ‘80s was a decade of colourful and lively style choices for men’s clothing. At that time, colourful and playful prints were fairly dominant among men who were always updated with clothing trends. They wore them with a pair of white-washed jeans, pinstriped trousers, or denim. It was a great combination of a casual and laid back aesthetic.

Fashion truly knows no boundaries. It is a universal way of communicating that lets both men and women express their thoughts, current mood, and their emotions on a specific subject.

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