From the invitation received, we think about the outfit that we will put, the shoes that we will wear and the person who will accompany us. If several outfits tempt us, we must already know which dress or what tuxes suits us well. Indeed according to our morphology all forms of dresses are not necessarily suitable. A short overview of morphologies and dresses is required. You can go for the prom tuxedos now also. 

Mermaid dress, asymmetrical, lace make the right choice

There are different morphologies:

  • Apple: Broad shoulder and slim waist, opt for a sheath dress, short or prom.
  • Right: opt for an empire dress, mermaid, sheath or prom.
  • Hourglass: wide shoulders, wide hips and slim waist, opt for an empire dress, princess or mermaid.

Round: princess or short

  • Pear: fine shoulders and generous hips, opt for a princess dress, prom or short.
  • Small and petite: choose an empire dress, princess or short.

Wedding dress: pearl shoes do not forget any details

Preparations for a wedding are important, whether you are simply invited, bridesmaid or witness we will give more or less importance to our outfit. It will be necessary to think of everything and if your clothes are the centerpiece of your outfit you must not neglect the accessories that will accompany it. Necklaces and bracelets will be to choose with care as well as the pines and hair accessories. The color or colors will be the unit that will collect the accessories. You will be able to play the tone on tone for a delicate outfit and opt for colors of accessories that cut if you want to bring a little pep to your evening dress.

The cover and the stole, in accordance with the colors and material of the dress or the woman’s tuxedo will allow occupying your hands during times of waiting.

Makeup and varnish can be considered as accessories, they must be connected with the outfit. If you opt for a pastel, discreet, makeup and manicure will be in adequacy. As for the franker outfits, it will be necessary to be vigilant concerning make-up so as not to insist too much on it, because in this domain as in other “more is sometimes the enemy of the good”.

Chic, bobo or sexy: all styles of evening wear are available

According to the announced atmosphere of the evening, you can choose different styles of outfits. For a country wedding you can opt for a bobo chic outfit with a lace dress or materials such as linen or cotton. For a business night cocktail, you can choose a sheath dress that will bring a sexy touch to your outfit. You can also opt for a mermaid dress, it will be an asset seduction important, the bare back that it can focus will certainly attention.

Which color to choose for a party dress?

Depending on the season, the materials and the desires, you can wear evening dresses of the color of your choice. If the black remains a safe bet, the blue tail it strongly. For a wedding dress (as a guest) if it’s in summer you can then dip in the roses, cream, red, turquoise or even green. There is no limit to your desires. Two-tone dresses with symmetrical shapes in the style of a Mondrian dress can quite suit, it’s to see according to the style of the evening. Some events impose a dress code, in these cases the choice is limited, but there will still be some research work to find the appropriate attire.

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