New Zealand prides itself as a vanguard of women empowerment. A few of the support that its government gives are fully-paid maternity leaves and free health checks. The New Zealand government also organises social groups to help women address concerns about postnatal stress, breastfeeding, and child-rearing. Experts and experienced mothers in these social groups often offer practical self-care tips, which include choosing proper maternity clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. Read on if you would like to learn more about tips given in NZ support groups about buying briefs and maternity bras in NZ:

Why get maternity wears

Maternity wears are professionally designed to accommodate the changing sizes of your breasts and hips during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

According to experts, normal bras are not made to withstand the added weight and respond to the sensitivity posed by lactating mothers. They have inferior trims and elasticity compared to maternity bras. Additionally, normal bras are inconvenient to wear since lactating mothers need something that they can easily take off and put back after feeding.

On the other hand, maternity bras in NZ are designed with clasp for breastfeeding purposes. They also have pouches for nursing pads so that the excess milk will not seep through the external clothing. Furthermore, they have added back and lift support so that mothers can still feel good about their breasts’ shape when going out.

Just like maternity bras, briefs for pregnant women are very stretchable. Your hips widen by three to four sizes during pregnancy to make room for your increasing birth canal. As such, this maternity wear will keep you from feeling constrained as you move around.

Shopping for maternity bras

When shopping for maternity bras, New Zealand experts suggest that the most important factors to consider are comfortability and support capacity.

They highly suggest that you buy bras that are seamless or at least have a flexible wiring style. Your maternity bra should not be digging into your breast tissues to prevent mastitis or milk duct infection. To know if your bra fits well, check if your breasts will fall into the cups when you lean forward. Your diaphragms and ribs should also be able to expand when you breathe in and out.

Most maternity bras in NZ either sport an A-style design or a drop flap. As its name implies, the former forms an A-shape frame covering just the nipples and the sides of the breasts. It is for women who prefer simply taking out their breasts when feeding their babies. Meanwhile, the most popular style among New Zealanders is the latter because it features a bra flap on the shoulder strap that can easily be released when breastfeeding. Whichever style you choose, make sure that it makes you feel good. Feeling beautiful is also part of the self-care tips that NZ women support groups suggest.

Shopping for maternity briefs

Experts in New Zealand suggest buying maternity briefs with light-coloured lining to spot discharges that will alert you if your baby is about to be born.

Two of the most common maternity briefs in NZ are high-waisted design and low-cut style. The former offers more support for your baby bump, while the latter will make you feel sexier even if you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant or lactating, trust the power of wearing comfortable maternity bras and briefs. They can make your maternity more bearable and even add to your sex appeal if you choose wisely. Do not settle for normal clothing! Splurge a bit for your comfort by buying maternity clothes!

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