The overall prom look not only depends on the prom dress but also the hair and makeup. You can buy all the dresses and all the accessories you want to but to make sure you look perfect you need to have perfect makeup and hair. So here are some of the hairstyles that you can wear with your prom dresses depending on which type of prom dress you are wearing

Messy updo

When you are wearing a long prom dress or a gown wearing your hair in a messy updo is the best choice With a few tendrils escaping you will look beautiful and carefree and not only that you will also be free of the worry of your hair getting tangled and this way you can show off the beautiful neck of yours. This hairstyle looks the best with a strapless dress too and if you have curly hair you just have to pull your hair up in a beautiful updo but if you have straight hair you can curl them a bit using a curling iron first and then start making an updo.

Half updo

When you cannot decide whether to wear your hair down or in an updo then you can do both. You can get a half updo of your hair and been through this style looks good with hair of all lengths but if you want to you can add extensions to your hair to make them look even beautiful and you can also add some curls in your hair to make the look perfect. This look also looks the best with a strapless dress because then you can show off your skin as well as your hair.

Long hair

If you have long hair then the prom is the time to show them off but if you have short hair and still want to go for that look then buy some extensions and then make your hair look longer. Don’t wear this hairstyle with the dresses that already cover your check and neck too much. With halter necks wearing your hair down especially when they are long is not a great idea. With a gown, you can wear your hair sleek either on one side or just in the back.


You can wear your hair in braids too and there are many hairstyles that you can make after braiding your hair and you can get make a hair bun tied in a braid or you can also get half of your hair in the braid and roll them up to form a small bun and can curl the rest of your hair. This hairstyle is very appropriate for the prom.

Sleek ponytail

You can also go for a sleek ponytail of you want to this way it will keep the hair out of your face and you will look mature and beautiful. With beautifully winged eyeliner, you can look like Ariana Grande on your prom.

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