Shopping has to be one of the most exciting perks of the digital world. Sitting right at home we can scour the internet to pick out the best apparels and accessories that we want. It is one of the easiest and most convenient forms of shopping that we can experience, but with all the pros, there are various cons that we may fall for if we are not careful. This is mostly the case when we are buying shoes or when we buy sandals online, as it is challenging to find the shoe with the right size, suitable materials, and the right price all on the same platform. So here is a guide that will help you navigate through this problem and save a lot from being spent.


This is something that is invaluable and is available for free at most online platforms; reviews give you a better understanding of the product from someone who has purchased a similar product. It will also help you find out whether the product is true to the Image and to the size mentioned on the website.

Look for the Asterisk.

The terms and conditions are something you should go through before you make any purchase; most platforms have their own terms and conditions when it comes to the return and refund policies. Make sure that you are comfortable with whatever is mentioned as you will have to abide by them keep in mind that it can cost a lot to keep a pair that you will never wear or might have to ship back to an international retailer.

Go with what you know.

When in doubt, always go with brands that you have tried before, as this guarantees that you will be satisfied with whatever you receive from the brand. When you go with a brand that you have tried before you know what size to go for, so this way you can ensure that you get a shoe that will at least fit you.

Where should you shop this festive season?

  1. Amazon – you will be able to see the countdown by amazon till the black Friday deals begin, releasing new deals every hour starting the week of Black Friday with deep discounts and a number of sought after-deals you will surely enjoy your time on amazon.
  2. Freedom Moses – this brand provides seasonless footwear that’s sustainable, durable, and effortlessly cool. Black Friday is the best time to get a great deal on their products with a minimum 20% discount on all items.
  3. Lacoste – even though the brand offers sales throughout the year, one of the best times to shop is during the Lacoste Black Friday.
  4. Zappos – if you are a shoe fan you definitely know about this particular retailer, Zappos has precisely what you need and that too in your budget. The best part is that the shipping is free year-round so you do not even have to worry about that.
  5. Adidas – this is the perfect time to treat yourself with the footwear that you have been eyeing for quite some time now, this is the time when Adidas brings you some of the best deals the brand has to offer.

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