Choosing the right suit for your upcoming nuptials can be really challenging, especially if you’re not a man who’s interested in fashion. With so many styles of wedding suits available, it can be overwhelming and confusing to pick the perfect one. Of course, you want to look stylish without breaking the back. Because your entire wedding is expensive, you want an affordable suit that doesn’t sacrifice the cut, fit, and quality. If you are stuck in a quandary, here are five tips on how to select the suit that will make you look dashing as you wait for your blushing bride to walk down the aisle:

Consider the Style and Motif of Your Entire Bridal Party

The first thing you have to do is ask your lovely fiancĂ© about the colours and styles of her gown, along with the rest of your bridal party. Ideally, your suit choice will complement the style and colours of the bridal gown, the groomsmen’s suits, and the bridesmaids’ dresses. You must consult your bride and wedding planner about her and the rest of the entourage’s ceremony garments first. You will be taking pictures with everyone together for posterity’s sake, so you want to look your best without clashing with anyone.

Factor Your Skin Tone and Hair Colour

Should you be in the same boat as the majority of the male population, you don’t often think of how well various hues will look good on you based on your skin tone or hair colour. What would look amazing on a blonde, a green-eyed gentleman may look very washed out on a dark-haired, tan, and brown-eyed male. When you are in the process of perusing wedding suits, you must pick a colour scheme that will enhance your personal traits. It would be best to choose from several colours to see which one looks the best.

Do Try It Before You Buy

It is best practice to try on your suit before you buy it to know if the cut is great and if it fits right. However, if you are buying online, you ensure you have the right body measurements. Most of all, you have to ascertain there’s a great return policy so you can try the suit at home and send it back if it doesn’t fit well. It would be a nightmare when the big day comes, and you pop a button or a seam of an ill-fitting suit. Go the extra mile and examine the length of the pants with the shoes you’re wearing for your wedding day.

Go Get It Tailored

You will be experiencing a momentous once in a lifetime event. Of course, you want to look great to match your blushing bride. For the best fit, you want to have your suit tailored to match the contours of your unique body. A few nips and tucks will make your suit coat and pants look as if they were custom made for you. Taking it to a local tailor is a good idea. Don’t worry because you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a few minor alterations.

Set Your Budget

You must set a wedding suit budget before you start shopping. Ideally, you want to be able to wear this suit many times over. After all, you will be going to other formal functions throughout your lifetime. Pick a suit with quality materials and great stitching. Of course, your entire suit budget will depend on many factors but do remember that the cheapest is not always the best. There has to be an excellent balance because you don’t want to look pitiful in a drab suit on your big day.

Final Word

Do remember that your wedding day is also special for you. Most eyes may be on the bride and the anticipated gown, but people will also be looking at you as you stand next to your beloved. Your attire and appearance next to your future wife matters. With the right planning and shopping strategies, you will be able to select the right suit that makes you look handsome and feel happy.

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