L’oreal is a company which has been around since we can think of beauty and hair care. It is so synonymous with the beauty and hair care industry that we are akin to call many other brands as l’oreal. L’oreal was started in 1909 by Eugene Paul Lois Schueller, who was a young French chemist of German descent. He developed a hair dye called Oreale. He registered his company on the 31st of July 1919. The guiding principles of the company were always research and innovation and L’oreal has always delivered that. L’oreal initially started out as a hair dye company and later ventured into cleansing and beauty products. L’oreal has been a pioneer in the industry for over a century now.


What is hair without a bit of love, we all know as a blonde you need specific products to maintain that sheen and its more prone to sun damage than darker hair. The loreal professionnelblondifier conditioner is the answer for all thing’s blonde hair, but none the less we shall list the top ten products here for you to know which suits you.


Allowing your greys, whites and very blonde hair to have the shine and not let the yellows show. Much like l’orealprofessionnelblondifier conditioner, which helps restore your hair’s blonde and seals in moisture while repairing your hair


You have coloured hair, then this shampoo is your saviour and friend. This shampoo helps to gently cleanse your hair and at the same time saves your coloured hair from losing the colour and the shine. One of the main ingredient resveratrol is a type of natural phenol which is produced by several plants to fight any injuries. That’s why your hair will emerge shinier and smoother after a wash.


A mask which restores your hair colour, much like a blondifier conditioner. This mask is perfect to save your coloured hair from sun damage and help it grow stronger. And why would you want your hair colour washed out if you have spent so much money on it.


This cream is perfect if you have blonde highlights, it helps the hair restore the colour and help in keeping the blonde highlights brighter. Using this along with the l’orealprofessionnelblondifier conditioner is just an added advantage.


Denser hair is what most people love in this day and age, but do not have thanks to stress and what not. This serum can be applied directly on your scalp every day for three months for you to see results. So why not use the serum and the blondifier conditioner which will make a great combination for your hair.


This masque is a necessity if you have damaged hair. With the first application it makes a mammoth difference to your hair’s quality. Use this in tandem with the l’orealprofessionnelblondifier conditioner and you will get the best results.


L’oreal is known to be the most innovation lead company which aims to help you for your personal care needs. L’oreal has always strived to the trend setter in many ways. Listed below are some of the most commendable ways L’oreal has changed the industry.

  • They have eliminated animal testing from their facilities, except for in china, because china mandates animal testing. Hence the Body Shop, which was bought by L’oreal in 2006, refuses to sell in china for they do not believe in animal testing.
  • The headquarters at Clichy, France has the world’s largest salon which, as of 2005 had catered to over 300 women, children, students, and unemployed people by 90 hairdressers as a way of experiment.
  • To avoid animal testing and get better results, L’oreal started using reconstructed skin models, namely Episkin model, which gives better results than animal testing
  • In 2013, L’oreal took part in a consortium in the EU which was trying to get the EU to spend more on alternative research than animal testing.

In its entirety L’oreal is probably the best decision you will ever make in terms of your personal care. The L’orealprofessionnelblondifier conditioner is perfect for your blonde hair, and you can shop that on cosmetize.com

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