You’ve got a bunch of quality clothes inside your wardrobe. It is no mean feat to collect your favourite outfits from a fun, flirty dress to designer jeans. It takes time, effort, and money to complete your stylish collection. Since this takes a lot of investment resources, you must learn to protect your outfits. Maintaining your clothes means they can last you for a long time. This is very easy to do because when you LOVE your dresses, you are more inclined to care for them. Consider the following tips enumerated below to help you out with your maintenance:

Check the Material of Your Clothes

Be sure to check the materials of your dresses, tops, and bottoms because some cannot even be machine washed and dried. This can cause shrinkage, especially for sensitive materials like silk, satin, or chiffon! Always make it a habit to peruse and read the fabric content of your dresses. In this case, hand washing is your best bet. It doesn’t need to be fancy detergent at all. In fact, you can take those clothes in the shower with you and wash them there.

Give Your Machines a Break

For those that can go in the washer and dryer, you may want to deal with them using your hands from time to time. The washing machine is harsh on clothes. The dryer may help dry clothes fast, but the heat is also very rough on materials. What you don’t know is your tumble dry heat causes micro-tears in the materials of your clothes, so the longevity of each piece is compromised. Consider going for a no heat or low heat option. You can also opt to hang dry your clothes or lay them out flat to dry.

Invest in a Delicates Bag

The washer is very rough on clothing so invest in a delicate or lingerie bag. Of course, this should not just be used for your panties, bras, and other flirty pieces. You can use this bag for your favourite tops and dresses as this will extend the life of your clothing. This bag protects the stuff inside from the harsh spinning of the machine. It also safeguards the contents from buttons and sharp zippers of your other garments.

Be Sure to Store Them Properly

Be sure to store your clothes properly. Some that are knitted cannot be hanged because they will lose their shape, particularly in the shoulder area where the sharp edges of the hanger are located. The weight will also drag it down, causing deformities. It is better if you fold them properly instead of facing a misshapen garment. Do note that most dresses come with a hanging loop inside. Be sure to make use of those as they are designed to carry the weight of the dress.

Stay on Top of Maintenance and Repairs

Finally, you have to stay on top of maintenance and repairs so you can extend the life of your clothes. If you see a loose thread, don’t pull it off. Double-check to see if you need to reinforce this so the seam will not unravel. If the seam is intact, you can just cut it off. Make sure you catch holes and mend them right away.

Additionally, you must reinforce the buttons before they fall off. And do catch stains immediately and don’t let them settle into the fabric. Doing all of these will ensure you can enjoy your clothes for a long time. It only takes a few minutes to perform these small tasks, and they will surely deter intense repairs in the future. Following these tips can help save you money.

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