Fashion is one of the factors that can boost our confidence. The hair style we got, attire we wear, accessories we put on speak a lot about our personality and character. Consciously or unconsciously, we tend to judge people based on their attire – ladies who wear dress more often are perceived as more feminine, girls who wear trousers frequently tend to have a sporting personality. Guys who wear dark colours tend to have more mature personality, and vice versa. At the same time when we’re judging people, others are judging us based on our appearance as well. It is therefore important to read and seek professional fashion advice to improve how we want people to see us.

Here are some wonderful fashion/style advice you ought to know.

1. Knowing what is best based on your body structure and shows your best feature

First of all, height is important before choosing what to put on. Tall girls can choose bottom clothes like short skirts and trousers, while girls who are not of great height can choose one-piece dress from top to bottom.

Next, it is also good to know your best body feature. If you are proud of having a pair of long and skinny legs, show it off by wearing skinny jeans or short skirts that display the best feature of it. If you are proud of having nice boobs, it is also encouraged to wear V-neck tops that can make your feel good and boost your confidence.

2. Start assessing your wardrobe

Sorting your wardrobe can help you understand what are the pieces that you would like to get rid of, or what kind of clothes that is not in the closet that you need to purchase.

Here’s a quick tip when choosing which to eliminate, ask yourself “If I’m shopping now, will I buy this?” If your answer is no, you can eliminate the clothes by recycling it or donating it to people who need it.

It is also good to always make sure you organise your clothes in wardrobe, arrange them based on the clothes colour from vivid to dark. This makes you pick the ideal colour combination of the day better and quicker. Avoid wearing more than three colours on your body at one time.

3. Boost your looks with appropriate accessories

Accessories make simple clothing attractive, making you look complete. Choosing the right accessory piece is essential as different accessory serves different purpose.

For instance, Y-shaped and V-shaped chains draw the attention from your face to chest. Round necklaces covers your neckline, long earring creates an impression that your neck is long. Wearing a nice scarf gives you an artistic look – perfect for women working in the fashion or creative industry.

Bag is another accessory that can help creating a fashion statement. Different kinds of bag come into play in different occasions. An elegant hand-held laptop bag makes you look professional at work, but it’s not necessarily useful at parties and informal gatherings. For social outings, use a clutch bag instead. You may also pick shoulder bags to add sophistication.

4. Wear appropriate make up to complement your look based on different occasions

Make up enhances our feature and creates a subtle emphasis of our feature. Picking the correct make up is important as you want to create a different look according to the events – professional in a formal event, be bolder at a party outing.

To look professional, wear natural, neutral or light (whatever you call it) make up with foundation or concealer that matches your skin colour. You can put some light coloured blush, black eyeliner, single coat of mascara and a coat of lipstick.

Heading to a party? Wear a lighter foundation so it helps feature your eyes and lips. For eyes and lips, you can aim for a smoky eye make up and pair it with berry lips that add some sexy touch.

Embarking on the journey of fashion can be never-ending, shop wisely

Fashion is an endless journey. There are also many sites that allow you to do your online dresses shopping nowadays, making it super easy to get the clothes you want without needing to commute and get the mall to get one. However, while you think you have the latest fashion trends and outfits today, the trend might not be the same two weeks later. It is highly advisable to choose evergreen clothes that will make you look fashionable all the time. Consider the product quality before buying, do not buy clothes where colour will fade off after a few times of washing. Of course, you can follow the latest trends from time to time, but if you would like to save money on fashion, you should spend your money wisely by purchasing only what you need. If you buy clothes that you reckon you will only wear it once, please do not take it home.


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