Michael Heseltine launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson

Conservative grandee and former leadership contender Lord Heseltine has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing him of creating the “greatest constitutional crisis in modern times”. Mr Heseltine, a former deputy prime minister, told the BBC the former London mayor had “ripped the (Conservative) party apart.” Lord Heseltine described Mr Johnson as “like a general, that led his army to the sound of guns, and at the sight of the battlefield abandoned the field.” via youtube.com

a letter to father

A Letter To That Shows How Appreciating Fathers Are

It gets harder sometime to go against the Father; who has done so many things for us. But when things like beating my mom, scolding and stuff happens, it makes me wonder how could a person who is so harsh to my mother could be someone I could take advises from? This is the part where most of us get stuck forever; realizing whether to continue to accept the sacrifices of our Fathers or overlook them. I had the same questions wandering and roaming in my mind, causing me not to appreciate whatever my Father did and does for me.

One day, I saw my dad scolding my mom for spending more was a day the first split in his image came out in my head. Sitting on the threshold of teenage, I thought how my DAD can be an idol for me and how could I follow his footsteps or whatever he says to me as guidance. Over the full years, He has been seen by me in several situations as a husband. Sometimes, I adored what he did for my mom whereas I absolutely hated sometimes. But to get to know his sacrifices, I am visiting down the memory lane to scout those brief occasions which made him special. There are so many good points and characteristics in him as a father which makes me think I couldn’t have been a daughter of someone more wonderful.

a letter to father

Over the full years, you have given me valuable lessons about life and the best way to lead it. I have already been created by you into a solid self-employed people. This article is for my dad who emerged as an excellent father while I thought he is not a good husband.

Things I Learned From My Father And How He Helps Me:

It is harder for me to put all the sacrifices and stuff that my father does for me in a single paper or two. I’m writing it still to let you all know why you should all be cheering your father and your father’s sacrifices:

The Actual Value Of Money:

You showed me the real value of money since childhood; when you weren’t for giving me any money until I have done my homework. It now makes sense to me that not a single penny can be earned with no hard work.

Total Efficiency:

I might have got angry earlier (Sorry for that DAD!), but I had no idea why you forced me to do things I wasn’t interested in; like cooking and exercise. It is now a lot easier for me to cook for somebody with ease and be in shape (that many people are craving for). I am now totally efficient.


You helped me since the very early age to build up my curiosity in things and fields. I still remember the day when you asked me “What you want to become?” and I was all blank; having no idea what should I


How to Apply Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Are you looking for a way that freshens and enhances up your signature hairstyle? Haircuts with bangs (short hairstyles with bangs) are a great way that adds personality and class to your look and well-being.

Most short hairstyles are based on some type of bang; you can’t have them without bangs. Trendy, pretty and cute, these short hairstyles are planned to show off the personality, looks, and face. Be it a choppy style packed with texture, or a smooth and sleek style at one length, bangs should highlight the true face, body and design of the wearer. It’s difficult to even find short hairstyles without bangs.


Short Hairstyles With Bangs:

Short hairstyles are been steadily growing in popularity recently and has hit a pinnacle point of popularity. Models, stars, performers and females have all eliminated the chop and debuted fantastic new hair styles at a cropped size. For 2016 this major style is taken up to another level with added bangs. If the look is a luxurious bob with heavy front side bangs, such as Taylor Swift’s recent hair for the Grammys, or a messy crop and swept-back area bangs, this is actually the perfect hairstyle.

Bangs are considered everything this season, in case their prevalence has you considering a fringe of your, you are not alone thinking and believing that. If you believe bangs are usually for women with long hair, you are wrong my friend: An excellent group of bangs is the fastest, simplest way to modify things through to any hair length and type, whether you are a happy owner of any pixie or keep things on the longer shoulder-grazing aspect. It doesn’t matter who you are and what type of hair you have as long as you want to keep up with what’s trending and desiring to have short hairstyles with bangs.

10 Short Hairstyles With Bangs:

There are so many short hairstyles with bangs that can be found, but talking to the point and matter as which ones of them are leading and trending. Making it clear-cut and clearer to you; we have made you the list of top 10 short hairstyles with bangs that is mostly found everywhere and are trending as well.

  • Side bangs.
  • Short bangs.
  • Thick bangs.
  • Think bangs.
  • Straight across bangs.
  • Blunt bangs.
  • Natural curly bangs.
  • Curtain bangs.