Event decoration plays a major role when it comes to transforming the entire mood of your environment. Just by following some simple techniques like filling the space, creating light, and incorporating some unique design elements, event decorators in Atlanta can work along each step of the way to ensure that they transform your event into an amazing one. Just consider the ambiance they can create, the elements and you will be surprised to see how they transform your event.

Event planning is something that requires a lot of attention to details. When you choose to work with event decorators, here’s how they can help.

Use of Colors to Create the Ambiance

Once you choose the wedding venue, the role of your wedding decorator is to look around the venue and take complete notes with consideration of the ambiance for the environment. The event planners can add some bold colors to the table clothes and set them with candles and flowers.  Thin branches, pebbles can also help to add some touch of elegance to the event. Event specialists, such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events can also help you to create valances with bold textures and fabrics that will brighten up the tables and add some interest to your venue. Hand-loomed silk, satins, and crushed silk fabrics flowing look great in bold and beautiful colors.

You can also use your own creativity with some inexpensive tools to create a remarkable transformation in the room. You should remember to stay away from colors that are too bright, such as neon colors that glow in the dark. In most cases, these are inappropriate and some venues may prohibit them.

Unique Theme Details

Event decorations are easy to pull off even with the smallest details provided you select a theme that matches with the accents of the room. You can add many tasteful and small accents in nearby stores. Themes surely play an important role when it comes to the décor of the event. You can work with experienced event planners that can provide you with a plethora of options in terms of the themes available.

For example, you can have a rustic look, with tiny details in the theme like tall glass vases filled with dark stones, callalillies, and water to add some elegant, unique touch to the tables. Another great idea, if you choose is a classic theme is to place some candles on the table.

For a romantic look, you can have some floating candles, rose petals, hydrangeas, pearls, and lace. The combination of all these details can help to create unique themes. You can try to add some height as well to achieve something different!

Adding Some Height Illusion

In order to make the place appear elegant and spacious, another common trend is to add some height to make the venue appear taller. You can use some ceramic pillars, found in local stores, or ask your event planners to build some custom, decorative ones. Another tip is to place the candles on tall holders; this creates height as you place shorter floral arrangements with sheer fabric on them to create some depth to the room space.

Add Floral Decorations

Flowers in any room can help to make a drastic change and make the entire room appear vibrant and more welcoming. Just a few flowers around the room will make transformations that will amaze you. You can think of how flowers serve as the best remedy to uplift as well as transform depressing situations into better ones. The exact same stands for the venue and the rooms, where you can have reasonably priced flowers and choose to place them in tiny bud vases and small groups. You can also purchase some reasonable prices roses and choose to place them in smaller groups or tiny bud vases and place them around the room.

Lighting Plays an Important Role

Another tip is to transform the wedding event into one that is amazing, related to the lighting of the room. Lighting says a lot, it can tell whether your guests are actually paying attention, or simply tell them to sit back, enjoy, and relax. If you want your guests to be much more alert for an auction or fundraiser, then the lighting can help to keep their attention, whereas dim lighting is a better choice for an evening romance.

Small Lights

You can use small LED light strings or fairie lights to decorate doorways, shrubs, walls, trees, along with the décor flowers, add some lights around the tables or as centerpieces, and balconies. You can add multiple colored lights, which gives more of a Christmas feel to the entire event, so this is not actually a good option. Instead, you can use single colored lights, white, pink, yellow, and orange. This light type looks great for bridal, wedding related parties, and helps to add fun and festive sparkle to the proceedings.

There are so many options when it comes to transforming an event. You should make sure that you choose the best event decorator in your area. Ask all your questions, they should be able to tackle the entire planning phase and give you the best options.

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