In the current trend of modest fashion, many retailers are now making it easier for women of religion to dress according to their standards of faith. In the past, the marketing tactics of brands and businesses of retail fashion never considered the vast majority of women who used their religion to determine their fashion. Today, these fashion designers understand there is a large market of ladies out there who determine what they wear according to the convictions in their faith. 

If you are someone who is beginning to understand the connection between fashion and faith, you have probably already considered many items in your closet. One of the main questions is, “Is this outfit congruent with what I believe?”. Throughout time, religion has had an impact on fashion and vice versa. Our experts have compiled a list of reasons why modest fashion impacts religion on a daily basis.

#1 – Market Share of Religion

Fashion brands all over the world are starting to recognize faith-based people as part of their market share. In the past, these demographics were never really considered as a staggering 77% of the women shopping for designer items were already purchasing items the designers were selling. 

However, with further review of the demographics, these brands and businesses discovered that the majority of these 77%, were women of faith and religion. They discovered that these ladies were purchasing their designs and then altering them to fit their standards of faith in some way. For instance, a short skirt would be lengthened below the knee in order to fit a specific faith standard. When designers and brands realized this, they altered the way the business marketed and designed clothing to keep these ladies happy. Out of the 77%, 97% of these women were faith-based ladies looking for an outfit or item for their closet. The market share of religion is wide-spread across the globe and designers are currently beginning to understand there is a large reach of women of faith who desire to wear their clothes.

#2 – The Turn To Modest Fashion

During this realization in 2016, brands were still pinpointing their marketing strategy to forget about women of faith. However, in 2018, British fashion designers put forth an amazing line of clothing options that came on the runway and shocked the world. All of their models entered the runway wearing modest apparel. This was truly a bold move and a large audience to begin this fashion trend. 

However, thanks to the many women of faith in the world, the trend caught on. In a sense, the trend was already there, but now businesses and brands clearly recognized the potential of the turn to modest fashion. This spurred several Christian clothing companies to offer modest dresses for women. In the end they found that busy mothers are interested in modest dresses for women because they are so easily diverse and allow the mom to make a quick selection. Instead of having to put together several pieces in an outfit, a dress, even a t-shirt dress, was found to the better option. 

The turn towards modest fashion has been a slow one indeed, however, the demographics explain that religion has been the reason this fashionable trend is changing to cater to these women of faith.

#3 – The Religious Ideology

We can see the bell curve in how religion has impacted fashion over the years. In the 60’s, the curve began to take a downward swing as women were impacting society all over the globe. Women stood out from among the crowd and became individualized as a strong homosapien, which was exactly what they wanted. They fought for their rights and established strong legislation in Washington to prove they were just as good as the men. While there is nothing wrong with a strong woman, you can see how when religious aspects were taken away from society and the woman, the fashion trend fell towards non-religious items and “skimpy” clothing which depicted more of a female sexuality. 

The religious ideology is to ensure that the woman maintains her individualized self, all while consistently bringing forth an idea of faith through her clothing. One major Biblical scripture tells everyone (not just women) to “come out from among the world and be separate”. This separation is widely depicted in the clothing you wear and the choices you make with your wardrobe. This verse brings to light the impact you have on people who don’t know you. In other words, if a woman walked out of her house wearing something sexual verses the same woman walking out of her house wearing a classy outfit, how would they see her? 

Individualization in women is something everyone should applaud, however, the religious aspects of their fashion sense allow them to keep that individualization all while maintaining her class and style through her fashion. Women should never have to sacrifice modesty for style, and that has been the major point of fashion designers over the past couple of years. The majority of women purchasing fashionable items are women of faith and these ladies are impacting the fashion world through their religious beliefs.

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