The French are known for their perfumes, but the British are taking over the fashion industry with some of their incredible jewellery designs that people all around the world can’t get enough of. What is new? Well, the contemporary jewellery designers UK are taking inspiration from almost everything around them, from sea views to big cities, their pieces are made from gems, acrylic or nylon and are ready to make a statement both on the runways and on your day to day life. Curious to know who are the top 10 British jewellery designers to watch in 2019? Then keep on reading.

  1. Caroline Broadhead

Caroline is a contemporary jewellery designers UK, choreographer, and teacher. What is interesting about her is her interest in the way the materials react and respond to the human body. One of the most exciting and colourful pieces that she ever made needs to be her collections from the 1980s.

  1. Wendy Ramshaw

Wendy Ramshaw is one of the top London jewelers with over 30 years of experience. Moreover, one of her most striking creations needs to be her ring sets which portray an exciting blend of mathematical analysis and artistry.

  1. Jaqueline Ryan

Jaqueline needed to be featured in our top 10 British jewellery designers to watch for her pieces which are inspired by ancient cultures and the natural world. Her pieces are not only interesting and luxurious but also delicate and timeless.

  1. David Watkins

David Watkins has one of the most famous British jewellery brands as his history started approximately 50 years ago. At this moment David started a partnership with Wendy Ramshaw taking the jewellery game to a new level. Their collection the Orbit 1: Convergence 1 offers an exciting dynamic by its intersected acrylic pieces. A statement collection for sure.

  1. James Newman

James’s art is still unrivalled in the independent jewellery designers UK today. The use of hammered metal rings with asymmetrical rose-cut diamonds offer a unique blend of old and new in jewellery designs.

  1. Diana Porter

Diana Porter is an expert in wedding and engagement jewellery. Her company creates simple yet classic pieces using the most delicate gold and are targeting the modern woman that will always choose a classic touch to her jewellery and outfit.

  1. Laila Smith

Laila is the absolute master of metal and textiles in her jewellery designs. Her designs are the perfect blend of innocence and beauty.

  1. Ute Decker

Ute takes jewellery waring to another level by providing multiple options of wearing and displaying the pieces. It is more an invitation to a personal blend between the jewellery and the wearer.

  1. Katherine Lawrie

Katherine is different from other contemporary jewellery designers UK due to her choice in materials for her pieces. Katherine uses garnet, amethyst, and moonstone making high-end pieces very affordable.

  1. Blandine Luce

Blandine creates interesting pieces using metals and crystals giving them a twist by keeping their natural textures. Very wearable pieces targeted towards the urban fashionistas.

Well, these were our picks for the top 10 British jewellery designers to watch in 2019, some are classic, others are dynamic but one thing is for sure, you will hear about these top London jewelers for many years to come. Still, if you are looking for more affordable options for your day to day outfits, you can always visit website and get inspired by their independent jewellery designers UK pieces that are diverse and suitable for any occasion. Do you accept the challenge of shining brighter than the stars? Then grab your favourite pieces right now and let them do the rest.

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