Right after deciding your perfect cocktail dress, the next thing to decide is your jewelry. Also, we should never underestimate the power of wearing the correct jewelry with the correct dress as it either changes or ruins the entire look.

Therefore, to make your deciding process a little easier, we have curated the top 6 jewelry designs for your cocktail party that will make you stand out of all the people present in the room. You would love to have an eye on you at the cocktail. The designs mentioned are simple to access from your wardrobe, and still, if you do not have, you can always purchase from the stores or online.

6 Jewelry Designs For Your Cocktail Party

Mentioned below are adorable jewelry designs that will help you in enhancing your ensemble and will make you look gorgeous and pretty.

  1. Statement Drop Earrings- The drop earring adds instant elegance to your face and the dress too. The best part about the drop earring is that they quickly go with all kinds of dresses and occasions too. You can either go for platinum drop earrings or golden drop earning depending upon the texture of your dress.

  1. Dainty Necklaces- Well, many people have the perception that anything dainty will not go with the grand occasion like cocktails. But that is a myth. Instead, they can be treated as your statement pieces. Try something dainty necklace or earring this time and make your ensemble look perfect.

  1. A Dainty Platinum Or Golden Bracelet- These days, chunky jewelry is in trend. But as we know that platinum never serves as chunky jewelry bit gold does. Therefore, either you can go for a chunky gold bracelet or an elegant platinum bracelet. You can decide that according to your dress’s color and go for it.

  1. Gold Jewellery Necklace– No jeweler can beat the elegance and the bright shine of the gold jewelry necklace. Suppose you want to look super stunning at the cocktail party and pair your dress with a beautiful gold necklace. The golden shade goes with all types of skin tone and makes you look decent with minimalism.

  1. Stud earrings Minimalism is the new normal. Therefore, try pairing up your cocktail with a cute and the gorgeous stud earrings. Studs are simple, but they come in a diverse variety too. There are different diamond cuts available while selecting the studs. So you can be creative with it and go for those charming jewelry types for your cocktail.

  1. Platinum Or golden bangles- Bangles are something that can be added to your ensemble to give you a fuller look. Therefore, try going for a thin pair of platinum angles or golden bangles. Decide the material of jewelry according to your dress and skin tone.


So these are six types of cocktail jewelry that you can easily pair with your cocktail dresses for cocktail parties. There are many varieties of jewelry available out there. Like geometric earring, rings and different bracelets too. Also, mentioned here are the basic jewelry types that will go with all kinds of dresses.

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