Who doesn’t like to wear dresses be it to work, everyday casual outings, to a night out with friends, to a corporate event or just lay back all relaxed in an effortless dress… A dress solves a lot of issues at hand when it comes to dressing up for any given day. But the hard time everyone has when it comes to searching for that perfect women dresses is something each one of us has experienced. From not being able to narrow down on one particular style, from being afraid of spending way too much than needed or necessary, to picking styles and silhouettes that might not be the best for you. While most of us experience such things quite often in life, we are here to help you get sorted in life and help you plan your next shopping in the most effective ways possible. Read on to know how:

Silhouette: Finding the perfect silhouette for your body type is one of the most important things to begin with when it comes to finding the right dress for you. Whether you are lean and tall or short with a heavy figure, no worries! For there i no dress in the world that does not fit anyone. But you ask how can same dress be worn by all body types? Well, not everyone can carry off a particular style and so there is a dire need to understand your body type in the first place. Once you have got that in place, you can easily pick dresses that compliment your body type, accentuate your curves and make you look beautiful and feel confident no matter what.

Colours: When it comes to colours and prints, they also play an important role in  deciding how a certain dress looks on you. For instance, if you are someone who is not too confident in bright colours, then colder hues like maroon, olives, navy blues, deep ochre are some hues that look wonderful and compliment every body type and skin tone. One can also experiment with lighter hues like pastels like light pinks, powder blues, pistachio green, faint lemon and so on work wonders on almost all the body types and skin tones. You can also mix and match both pastels with bolder hues to create an ideal balanced look.

Prints: Prints are the saviours that you can always rely on when nothing comes to your mind and when solids look too mundane for the day. Floral and botanical prints with smaller prints on solid bases work well on most occasions. They instantly brighten up the entire look and can be worn at a lot of places and days. One can also pick vertical stripes more than the horizontal stripes to create an illusion of looking taller. Horizontal stripes tend to make you shorter and make the body frame more broader than usual. Polka prints are also something that never get out of trend, pick smaller polka prints for a subtle effect and bolder bigger ones for a more dramatic look!


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