No matter what the age of the person is, everyone loves to adorn their fingers with a ring or two. More and more people are opting for metals other than gold and silver to give themselves a more sophisticated look. The rings that are in great demand nowadays are designer white gold rings; they are classy and elegant.

White gold is basically an alloy of gold mixed with nickel, platinum or any other metal.

Buying a ring for yourself or your loved one is not an easy task. There are many points to consider with the help of which you will know what ring is best suited for the purpose.

  1. Check the size and fitting: Any ring that you choose should look good on your hand and the fingers. It should neither be too prominent nor too small, else it will go unnoticed. Choose a fitting that is not too loose and not too tight.
  2. Ease of resizing: Even after you choose a ring of correct size, there is no guarantee that your finger size will remain the same. Over a period of time, due to changes in weight, the finger might get slimmer or fatter. So, choose a ring that is easier to resize, if necessary.
  3. Band width: Be it designer white gold rings or any other type of ring, it is crucial to pick a ring of appropriate width. If it is very wide, it gets difficult to bend the finger. Whereas if it is too narrow, the ring might break within a short time.
  4. Heavy or light ring top: Go for a ring that balances well on the finger. If there are too many stones on the ring, it will keep rotating on the finger. Make sure that the top and the rest of the ring are proportional to each other.
  5. Sharp edges: Do not purchase a ring that has sharp, pointy edges. It might poke the wearer and make him/her uncomfortable. Before buying, try it once and then buy it.
  6. Settings: Give a thought to the setting that you choose. As an example, channel settings do look wonderful, but they are not easily repairable. Similarly, settings that are not too visible won’t hold the stones securely. Also ensure that the setting does not get stuck in your hair or clothes.
  7. Easy to clean and maintain: A ring will look beautiful when it is maintained in good condition. A ring should be such that all its parts are reachable and can be cleaned. Dirt below the stones of a ring needs to be cleaned to make it look shiny over a long period of time.
  8. Number of prongs: Too many prongs will unnecessarily get stuck everywhere. In addition, more the prongs, more expensive it gets to repair them.
  9. Stone setting: Buy a ring with stone setting not too protruding. Else it will keep getting hit and the stones will get lost or damaged.
  10. Guarantee and warranty: Do not forget to read the fine print of the warranty and other terms and conditions. Most guarantees cover some part of the damage or have some sort of exchange policies. Do not ignore to get it clarified.

With these tips buying rings like designer white gold rings can become an easy affair. Keep these tips in mind and make a smart purchase.


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