Testosterone injections are the last options bodybuilders have to get muscle gains rapidly in a very short time. The natural way of building muscles through exercise and better diet plan is no more an option because such organic muscle growth is too slow to compete in your best form. Therefore, steroids are the best alternatives and testosterone steroids injections help in boosting protein synthesis and faster recovery from workouts. Most of the steroids are based on testosterone as it is instrumental in muscle formation. Before you take injectable forms of this steroid, you should be aware of the potential risks and dangers associated with it and the results you can expect. If it is worth taking the risk, you can go ahead or settle with safer alternatives.

Importance of Testosterone

If bodybuilders are given a chance, they will enhance the natural level of testosterone in their body so that the excessive calorie they take through their diet gets directed into building muscle mass. Testosterone is responsible for protein synthesis by which muscles are formed. With testosterone steroids, you are literally accelerating the process of protein synthesis and muscle formation. The longer the protein synthesis goes on inside the body, the denser and thicker the muscles will become.

Testosterone Steroid Injections

Testosterone steroids are available in oral as well as injectable forms. But injectable forms of this steroid can produce better results in a very short period of time. On the other hand, having oral testosterone steroids are much safer and consistent. The injectable forms’ result depends on the brands you are using, dosage as well as various other factors. Furthermore, injectable forms can be really dangerous if bodybuilders take it in very high dosage. Therefore, the need for the supervision of a doctor becomes very important. The dosage of the injectable testosterone steroid depends on various factors like body weight, different types of drugs the person is taking, the expected result, diet, and various such other important points. It is recommended to have around 250mg per week to get good results but some people have nearly 1000mg per day which makes one vulnerable to dangerous outcomes.

Benefits Of Testosterone Injections

Testosterone steroid injections lead to a faster muscle growth both in size and density. It is best when you have an upcoming competition on a short notice. If you take the recommended dosage, eat healthy, keep yourself hydrated, and get enough sleep, the chances of risks originating from it can be reduced. It helps in enhancing muscle strength and endurance. It also leads to improvement in body composition and blood circulation. The oxygen intake increases and hence, the recovery and repairing of muscles will be faster. The lean and dense muscles will be more visible.

Potential Danger Of Testosterone Injections

There are high risks involved with Testosterone injections and hence, most of the bodybuilders avoid it and settle with the oral form. It could lead to heart problems, shrinking of testes, fertility issues, high blood pressure level, stroke and heart attack, and excessive body hair growth. In females, menstrual irregularities, aggression, and virilization can be noticed.

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