Yellow sapphire also referred to as the Jupiter Stone, and the Pukhraj stone is strongly associated with Indian astrology and culture. The Yellow sapphire is a twin of the blue sapphire and the ruby.

While being aesthetic and an affordable option to yellow diamonds, the Yellow sapphire gemstone is known to offer benefits to the wearer of the gemstone.

Here are some Yellow Sapphire Benefits as per Indian Astrology

  • The Yellow Sapphire Benefits the wearer of the gemstone if properly worn. The Yellow Sapphire is known to attract prosperity to the wearer of the gemstone. The Yellow Sapphire Benefits include improved financial status, good health and fame, success and honour to the wearer who wears the Yellow Sapphire
  • The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is considered a navratna gemstone and a highly auspicious one as it attracts peace, prosperity and continuation of the family. The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the representation of power and divine grace and is considered as one of the safest gemstones. The Yellow Sapphire is known as the gemstone of a loving relationship, auspicious wealth and knowledge. Spiritual knowledge and overall well being are some of the Yellow Sapphire Benefits the wear of the gemstone enjoys.
  • The Yellow Sapphire Benefits are delivered quickly if the Pukhraj stone is worn on a Thursday in Panch Dhatu or Gold. According to sacred Hindu texts, every married woman desiring for a harmonious life post-marriage and a happy and healthy family should adorn a Yellow Sapphire
  • The Yellow Sapphire Benefits offered to its wearers include good health, property, wisdom, honour, longevity, fame and protection from evil spirits. The Yellow Sapphire is a must-have during the student life, and the Yellow Sapphire Benefits of the Pukhraj stone help the students excel in academics. Wearing the Pukhraj stone helps to eliminate all hurdles for girls for obtaining a suitable matrimonial match and provides a balanced married life and blesses the wearer of the Pukhraj stone with children.
  • Couples should opt for a Yellow Sapphire engagement ring if Jupiter is the dominant planet according to the girl’s horoscope. This allows the couple the experience Yellow Sapphire Benefits of leading a life of marital bliss.
  • The Yellow Sapphire Benefits also help separated lovers reunite. The Pukhraj stone offers the wearer of the gemstone knowledge of ethics, law, worldly happiness, wisdom, wit, longevity and good health, mental peace etc.
  • The Yellow Sapphire Benefits on the wearer’s health include safeguarding them from illness and diseases such as jaundice, liver problems, throat infection, improves blood circulations, protects from heart ailments and disorders of the lungs, pancreases, skin issues etc.
  • Yellow Sapphire Benefits are showered on the wearer of the gemstone only when they wear a natural, unheated and a flawless Yellow Sapphire

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