Chocolates are the most irresistible food items that have a huge fan following all over the globe. It is available in multiple designs, flavours and sizes in order to satiate the palate of the people. If you want to enjoy the exotic taste of the Australian chocolates, here are the few delectable chocolate brands for you.

Kennedy & Wilson- The amazing chocolate brand was established by Peter Wilson who was once a punk band manager and Yarra Yering winemaker. He came to this idea when he tasted the amazing Valrhona chocolate and then decided to start a chocolate factory with his partner Juliana Kennedy in the Yarra Valley of Victoria, Australia. It was here that one of the best chocolates in Australia came into existence and quirky boxed chocolates like “after dinner ducks” emerged for the people. This unique chocolate was flavoured with coffee, cinnamon, orange or mint as the main ingredients. Try out this popular Melbourne chocolate and you would not forget its taste easily.

Zokoko- It is one of the popular chocolate brands that is manufactured by Sydney chocolate maker Michelle Morgan. The company is known for its delightful chocolate brands such as Zokoko’s Alto Bene Bolivian which is a 68% dark chocolate and is made from organic cocoa along with lovely citrus and honey notes. Another chocolate variety is known as Tranquilidad and is a 72% dark chocolate which is an exquisite Bolivian chocolate that is perfumed with dried fruit and a perfect bittersweet combination.

Bahen & Co- Josh Bahen was earlier a wine maker and got involved in the business of chocolate manufacturing afterwards. The iconic company is located in the famous Margaret River wine region on the family farm. It makes use of the old 1930 roaster and 1910 chocolate machine to create delicious chocolate bars using the cocoa from countries like Madagascar, PNG, Brazil, Vanuatu and others. It has earned a distinct name among other Australian chocolates due to its extraordinary classic 70% dark chocolate. It is packed with the unique flavour and wonderful packaging that makes it all the more irresistible for the chocolate lovers.

Haighs- This chocolate company was started by Alfred when he opened his first store in Adelaide. It is one of the Australia’s oldest family owned chocolate company that has two stores in Sydney. The company made the Easter bilby chocolate which is a 52% dark chocolate highly popular in 1993. It utilises the UTZ certified beans that offer the unmatched taste and flavour to its chocolate.

Daintree Estates- The Company is known to make chocolates with its own locally grown cocoa beans along with the local dairy and sugar ingredients. The company is said to be a co-operative effort with the bunch of local farmers involved and is known for its distinct Australian chocolates. The chocolate bars of the company are smaller in size and do not arrive with a cheap price. Furthermore, its 70% dark chocolate is an amazing mixture of berries, liquorice, cinnamon and even banana making it a delectable choice for the chocolate lovers.

So, take a quick note of these best chocolates in Australia and enjoy the sweet treat with your loved ones in a smooth manner.

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