Engagement is a bond of trust, a promise of eternal togetherness. It is only fitting to mark such a bond with a symbol that can tough out the changing times without losing any of its beauty and shine. Pink diamonds are by far one of the most deal stones for engagement rings because they are rare, beautiful and precious – all 3 attributes that you want to imbibe in your relationship. However, once you know which stone you prefer, it comes the time to select the perfect ring setting, shape and shade of the pink diamond to zone in on the engagement ring that is uniquely perfect for you. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right dealer

Pink diamonds are quite valuable and when you are gearing up to invest such a range of money, it is ideal to start by focussing on finding the most reliable dealers for your engagement ring consultations. You want dealers who have had experience in the field and have worked to establish a brand value for their company based on trust and good relations with their customers.

Perfect evaluation for the perfect pink diamonds

As with the colourless diamonds, the four Cs matter in case of pink diamonds just as much. The colour, in this case, takes dominance over the rest of the Cs. You can choose from light to vivid dark shades of pink, however, always check this out with professionals as it is not only your wedding ring it’s a lifetime investment so has to be done wisely to get the true hue of the diamond. This will also have a direct relationship with the overall value of the stone. The cut should be particularly done to enhance the brilliance of the colour. Remember that for centre stones of an engagement ring, pink diamonds over 0.5 carats will make a truly lasting impression. However, they will also have quite a high range of affordability.

The correct ring setting for your pink diamond

Finally, the ring setting should always complement the shade of pink you choose for your engagement, if you opt for the subtle light shades of champagne or rose where the pink colour is only truly apparent under some angles of light; choose settings that would usually be appropriate for white diamonds. The white metal settings of fine silver, silver alloy, white gold and platinum are excellent candidates for such shades of pink. However, if you pair these shades with a yellow gold setting the stone will actually take on the tint of the metal under certain light reflections. Darker pink shades should always be placed within warmer toned metal settings of rose gold and yellow gold, which will provide a contrasting platform to truly offset the brilliance of the stone’s colour.

Always make sure that the GIA ratings and ID is laser etched on the side of your pink diamonds. You should also preserve the certificate of authentication that you get with your ring, to reserve its dignity as an emotional token as well as an investment asset.

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