The eCommerce giant Amazon has started a pilot project with the purpose of pushing forward the commercial life in the UK high street and not only. If you want to learn more about the topic and discover the best merchant account in the UK, you’re at the right place.

Amazon’s New Projects in the UK

Amazon has announced a new model developed for up-and-coming online brands. The company aims to help them with their presence in the UK high streets. So, soon the UK high streets will be home to over 100 small online businesses selling there for the 1st time via time-slots in 10 pop-up shops. Each of them will be open for 6-8 weeks.

Amazon is planning openingsalso in Wales, Scotland, the Midlands, Yorkshire, and the South East. All of them make up part of this year-long pilot programme. The latter is launched together with Enterprise Nation, an organization providing support for small businesses.

This isn’t the whole story. Amazon is investing additional efforts by setting up physical kiosks to sell passers-by a rotating range of items with discounts. Train stations are planned to be the initial locations to start from.

According to Doug Gurr, Amazon UK’s country manager, the company does its best to help small businesses grow, improve the economy, as well as create jobs across the UK. As Gurr notes, small businesses are among their top customer groups.

The Best Merchant Account from the Best Provider

The mentioned pilot programme by Amazon will be subject to independent research. The results will be introduced to the government, following the call for new ideas to create the Future High- Streets strategy.

In addition, it’ll help small businesses upskill their workforce through a new £1m fund to train more than 150 full-time apprentices to help SMEs become more productive and start selling online more. Moreover, it’ll provide free digital training at Amazon Academy events across the UK to help small businesses reach more success in the world of the internet by increasing their export sales.

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According to Emma Jones MBE, founder of Enterprise Nation,UK shoppers like making purchases both over the internet and in the UK high-street stores. So, their company intends to help small businesses reach success by bringing together the most important ingredients of online and high-street retail.

To sum up, Amazon has introduced a pilot programme that offers a chain of pop-up shops selling both food and drinks, electronics, beauty products, as well as homeware. To make your eCommerce business be a success, work with a reliable payment expert that can help you with the best merchant services UK.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry, including the best merchant account, has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

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