It is of no surprise that jeans are among the most common wears for a man. One is able to wear them on several occasions without worrying about the fact that whether they look appropriate or not. However, the tough part comes when most men as asked to pick the right jeans for them. They usually are unable to select the perfect one among mens fashion jeans collection available in the market. So, here are a few points that will help you.

Don’t worry about body type

Usually, you will see that the body type is listed on several sites as they talk about getting the right jean. Well, to some extent it may matter for men but usually it is about female and them hiding the curves and shaping the bodies. As for men, it is generally about where they are looking to wear it. If you select the classic cut, you will have a bit relaxed body and can flex your muscles for various activities. On the other side, the tailored cut can help you dress up yourself for formal occasions.

Shop the right size

If you think that a jean is not looking good on you, probably a smaller size is what you need. Individuals tend to dislike tight waistbands but wearing the jeans that are loose will add up to your bodyweight, making you appear bulky with weight in all wrong places. Surprisingly, experts suggest that women have a tendency to pick smaller size while guys usually get a size or two up the actual requirement. So, try a jean which is smaller than your normal fit and see if you are able to do good in them.

Don’t be afraid of skinny

When the term ‘skinny’ arises with jeans, most men are usually seen going away. It is because there is a misconception that only hipsters and such individuals would wear these sort of pants. However, the truth is that an average man can walk around in them, without looking too odd or awkward. And if you are not comfortable wearing them, try the straight fit or a slim fit. Even the classic and boot cut guys will find the latter two appropriate.


When selecting a jean, pockets are one of the most critical elements. Most of the individuals don’t pay attention to it, ending up with a pant that has huge pockets. It can draw attention to your butt or gut which is unwanted for most of the guys. Therefore, a clean thread with decent sized pockets, neither too long not too large, should be preferred. Else, you might appear to be a man with saggy gluts.


Another important element when selecting the mens fashion jeans is the stretch. You want yourself to be breathable in your jeans and might look to be comfortable when you are sitting or talking a walk. Stiff material won’t allow you to stretch yourself while the stretchy ones assure that you have enough room to move your muscles with your body breathing.

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