Like many other generations, kids of the ’90s may look back at the fashion of their time with a tinge of embarrassment. Let’s go for it; in the 90s we did not have a sense of fashion, let alone being fashion mongers. Our attires were always our mother’s selection, and we would put on whatever she felt was cool and trendy. It was all up to the mark, except they were not trendy according to the present generation. But, when you look at your reversal pictures and scoop off through the current fashion journals, you start to notice a likeness.

Although some of trends now look dated and perhaps should be left in the ’90s, there are six trends holding their place in fashion to make a comeback now, more than 20 years later.


The fluorescent craze lasted throughout the ’90s, from neon windbreakers to mismatched yellow and green socks. The vivid colours are back for 2019 and are set to make a statement again. Designers have been adding them to their latest styles, from ladies suits by Emporio Armani to a creative mix with denim by Cristiano Burani.

Chunky highlights

True to the styles of the time, popular ’90s hairstyles included chunky swashes of colour made possible by streaks of dye and hair extensions. Natural-looking hair was not the goal; the more blocks of choppy colour, the better. Brought back in time by Miuccia Prada at the Resort show in 2019 paired with smudged make up, this look gives a modern spin on a ’90s favourite.

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Small handbags

The ’90s were known for the smallest handbags in the most minimalist sense. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, small handbags and rucksacks were crammed full and worn with style throughout the decade. The Fendi baguette is now back from the past, re-released for a revival that is sure to take off.

Maxi dresses

A firm favourite of the grunge chicks of the ’90s, are back for the summer of 2019. With a range of styles, grunge and goth optional, the versatile and flattering maxi dresses are sure to take their place in 2019.

Cycling shorts

One staple of the ’90s that fell out of popular fashion and back into the domain of keen cyclists, this sporty style is now back on catwalks in 2019 and is looking to come back on the pavement side of the street. A favourite of Kim Kardashian, cycling shorts are now key pieces in the spring-summer collections of Blumarine, Prada and Roberto Cavalli.

Faded denims

Stonewash is the only denim set for a comeback in 2019, across all styles and genres. Chosen by Isabel Marant and Dior in their 2019 shows, the washed-out denim is back.

Some fashion trends are so charismatic and nostalgic that you can select it up from where you left. Yes, so the 90s fashion trends are unhurriedly making a comeback. If you have not caught yet, it is the following big thing. But again, they have all got a makeover to match the present fashion site. Anyway, couple yourself for a fashionable trip down the yester years.

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